Player Conduct

1. Players will be expected to show up to practice and competitions on time. 30 minutes before the first scheduled game and 30 minutes before each subsequent game. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before practice starts to prepare on time. Players should be in full uniform/practice gear and prepared to warm-up.

2. Players are allowed to miss two of the total practices scheduled in a season for any reason. Missing more than this can impact playing time, and we ask that you communicate with your teams coaches or club director for a special circumstance.

3. Equal playing time is not guaranteed for player, although it is a high priority and every player will play extensively. Policy violations and poor sportsmanship will affect playing time and can lead to tournament and club expulsion.

4. Players must understand that WINNING is NOT the most important priority. Development and learning of the game of lacrosse as a team is the emphasis and always will be our priority.

5. We will not discuss playing time with parents. This is a responsibility of the player and if a player has questions or concerns they need to meet and talk with their team coach or program director.

6. A player may not leave a tournament early, unless for extreme circumstances. Leaving early may result in limited playing time at the next tournament.

7. Players are expected to clean up before leaving the playing or practice area.

8. Players will be expected to represent Circle City Lacrosse with class and respect at all times.

9. Players who talk back to coaches or referees will be immediately removed from any event currently participating in.

10. Players will not use any from of abusive, obscene or profane language.

11. Players are expected to treat other people’s property with respect and care.

Parents Conduct

1. Parents are expected to encourage their child’s skill development and attendance at practices.

2. Parents are expected to encourage their child to play by the rules.

3. Parents are expected to learn and understand the rules of girls lacrosse.

4. Parents or family will refrain from any abusive or profane language or gestures towards anyone.

5. Parents will not coach from the sideline. Parents or family members are will never address any Circle City Lacrosse coaches, Administrator, players, or family members through abusive or profane language, gestures, or any other type of communication. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate dismissal of the player and family from the club.

6. Parents and our team spectators must stand on opposite side of our bench.

7. Parents are required to defer to Directors for all decisions regarding coaching strategy, team organization, or tournament structure.

Recruiting Conduct

1. Players need to be proactive and attentive to their recruiting progress.

2. Players and Parents will not demand that the Circle City Lacrosse staff contact college coaches on their behalf.

3. We do not guarantee that any college coaches will see you.                    

4. You must do the work to communicate with coaches by following all NCAA rules.

5. Scholarships for athletics or academics are not guaranteed by Circle City Lacrosse.