Coaches- (1-2) TBA- Coaches on the team have a focus on teaching each player the proper technique to play lacrosse. A strong focus will be on fundamentals, overall skill building, all while encouraging a fun and positive environment for the team.

Team- This team will be for rising 3rd & 4th graders who want to learn the game of lacrosse. Players in 3rd and 4th grade are in peak development time for lacrosse. This team is all about playing and learning lacrosse, in a positive and fun environment.

High School Graduation Year- 2029s (Rising 4th Grade) and 2030s (Rising 3rd Grade).

Team Makeup- The Little Laxers Team will have a total of 14 players on the team. This will include 12 field players and 2 goalies. *Depending on interest, we may offer multiple teams.


Tournament & Practice Schedule

Summer Club Season June 15th-July 19th (4 Weeks)

Tentatively Scheduled (2 Tournaments)

*1. NXT The Grail (Indianapolis, Indiana) June 27th-June 28th, 2020

*2. NXT Grand Prix (Indianapolis, Indiana) July 18th-19th, 2020

*8 Practices in June & July



Program Fee- The team fee for the Little Laxers (2029-2030s) is $TBA due April 30th, 2020 to hold an athlete’s roster position. Deposits and Team Fees for players are required to attend all tournaments & practice.

Program Fees Cover- Tournament registrations, Uniform, Field Space, Coaching Stipends, Travel Expenses, Clinics, Recruiting Resources, Administrative Fees.

The Program Fees Will Not Cover- Hotel Accommodations, Travel to Tournaments, and Meals.

Uniforms- The custom uniform is a Jersey & Shorts.